Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dealing with holiday stress

For many the holidays result in stress. Lots to do; too much to do. Too little time. Too much to buy; too little money.

Here's a little advice that I hope will help you enjoy the holidays more.

First, anticipate the stress. If you expect it and if it does show up, you were right. Fore-warned is fore-armed. Think ahead of time as to how you will deal with it. There should be plenty of online articles, easily found, if you don't already know what to do to deal with stress.

Learn the signs and signals of stress and depression. Catch it early.

Do something differently. Sleep in. Or get up earlier. Just stop and take a little extra time for yourself. If you think that will result in more stress (because less will get done), just recognize that and let it go. Stop, anyway.

Stop and enjoy your family, friends, neighbors. Bake some cookies (one batch will do).

Ask for help. If you don't get it, then whatever you needed help with or for, won't get done. And when "they" ask why it didn't get done, tell them - nicely, with a smile on your face. They'll either "get" it or they won't.

Put the "happy" back in Happy Holidays.

And Merry Christmas.

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