Sunday, December 26, 2010

31 weeks - Beth Bentley missing

Well, now it has been 31 weeks that Beth Bentley has been missing.

Is she really "missing" or do some people, including some in Woodstock, know exactly what happened to her?

Sometimes the conscience of a person involved in a crime or a cover-up will start to bother him (or her). They might begin to stutter. They might develop a facial tic. Memory might begin to play tricks on them. The tongue might begin to slip.

Notice anything peculiar going on with anybody close to this case?

If so, notify the Woodstock Police Department, Detective Division. Call 815/338-2131. No matter how insignificant it might seem to you, it could just be the tip that breaks this case wide open.

And, if you want in on a slice of the Reward pie, call Crime Stoppers first at 800/762-STOP

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