Friday, September 12, 2008

Woodstock Takes Unfair Hits

Last week I emailed a Northwest Herald reporter to ask why the dateline "Woodstock" was used to report an accident near Marengo that injured a Marengo resident.

The reason? The information source was the McHenry County Sheriff's Department which is, of course, located in Woodstock.

In this morning's paper on Page 2B is a short article about two kids arrested for "mob action" in Crystal Lake, after one of them shot an 11-year-old boy with an air gun from a car on Wednesday. I was going to call them "punks", but I don't know them; somehow, "young adults" doesn't seem to fit, either. They are 18 and 19.

The two suspects are from Crystal Lake; the crime happened in Crystal Lake. Why is the dateline "Woodstock" in this article? Only because they will be in McHenry County Court this Wednesday?

Furthermore, the Crimes map on the same page shows Woodstock for this air-gun incident. Wrong! The map should show where the crime occurred - Crystal Lake!

And a third article, about the $350,000 bilking of a Huntley woman, is identified with the Woodstock location.

The 11-year-old had the presence of mind to get the license plate number on the car and the shooter. Brave young man!

Now how did the Northwest Herald get this information so quickly? Maybe someone from the Woodstock P.D. could run over the Crystal Lake P.D. and get a few ideas.

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