Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tapes of City Council Meetings

I heard from a Prairie Ridge resident tonight that Mayor Sager told him that he could go to City Hall and listen to tapes from the City Council meeting on September 2.

That was a really good meeting, where Prairie Ridge residents spoke emphatically and factually about problems in their neighborhood. It's nice to learn that the tape of the meeting is available for public listening.

This contradicts, of course, information given to me previously that the tapes of City Council meetings are the property of the City Clerk and are used only for the preparation of the City Council meeting "Minutes". The tapes are not "transcribed"; i.e., Minutes are not verbatim reporting of meeting issues.

Has the City decided to preserve the tapes of meetings?


Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

I would find out what the "minimum" requirements of the State of Illinois is in regards to this issue. I'll bet they, the city, will hold themselves to the "minimum". The States Attorney's office should be able to tell you were to look for it: volume, page and paragraph.

Gus said...

The same resident has confirmed what I suspected might still be the case; i.e., tapes of City Council meetings are used only by the City Clerk and then destroyed. This is a Class A Lousy Decision by the City Council, because the record of EXACTLY what was said is destroyed. The only record is what the City Clerk writes up as what she heard and understood from a meeting.

So the question is, what did the Mayor mean when he told this resident to go to City Hall and listen to the tape?