Friday, September 19, 2008

First Dude Snubs Subpoena

Should the First Dude, Sarah Palin's husband, ignore a subpoena issued by the Alaskan body investigating Troopergate? That's just what he did.

What were his reasons? Among his reasons, according to an Associated Press article, were
1. jurisdiction questions
2. separation of power issues and
3. an inconvenient travel schedule.

I like #3. I'll have to remember that one, the next time I receive a subpoena.

"Gee, your honor, (whine, whine, sniffle, cough), it just won't be convenient for me to be there at that time."

Troopergate is a State issue and McCain and his buddies ought to keep their paws out of it. But they won't, because Soccer Mom is studying up on Bush tactics.

It's not like the First Dude is charged with any crime. So why is he clamming up?

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