Friday, September 19, 2008

Distracted by Cell Phone; hits semi-

Did you catch the article in this morning's Northwest Herald about the teen who wrecked her car after reportedly being distracted by use of her cell phone? Thanks to Sarah Sutschek for providing a good accounting of how that accident occurred.

According to Lake in the Hills PD Sgt. Mark Smith, the driver ran off Hwy. 47 near Ackman Road (most would think that to be Huntley, but it must be in Lake in the Hills) because she was "doing something with her phone". After she drove onto the shoulder, the driver over-corrected and hit a southbound tractor-tractor.

Good timing, eh? Wrecked her car, hit the semi-, and damaged another car.

Just how long will it take our legislators (state, county or local) to create a law prohibiting cell phone usage by a driver of a moving car?

The girl had probably paid attention in Driver's Ed to the law that a driver under 18 is not to use a cell phone. Too bad she didn't learn "why". The rules changed when she hit 18.

Every day I see drivers who cannot drive safely and talk on phones at the same time. It is possible to use a cell phone and drive safely. Most don't. That's why you see cars coming at you on Route 14 creeping over the center line, see drivers stop late at stop signs, cruise through red lights, turn right on red, etc.

Researchers say that the brain cannot do two things at the same time. For most, this will mean drive OR talk on the cell phone.

Driving defensively becomes all the more important as cell phone use behind-the-wheel continues to increase.


what the woodstock nuisance meant to say said...

Shocking. I'll bet there are hundereds of thousands of these incidents every day across the country. Or maybe not.

Gus said...

There may not be hundreds "of thousands" every day, but there are enough that some states and some cities are sitting up and taking notice.

what the woodstock nuisance meant to say said...

And some states and cities still believe in personal responsibility. The constant increase in petty intrusions by government into our daily lives leads only to the infantilizing of the populace. The worst part of the recent financial debacle on Wall St. may not be the loss of real wealth but instead the planting of the idea that no matter how shoddily a business, or home budget, is handled there will be no real consequence of failure to act responsibly. I predict the next Crook in Chief will do more harm to America then the previous one. And it doesn't matter what party he comes from.