Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Voter Registration Deadline

Is there a deadline for voter registration in McHenry County? How about the Lawyer's Answer? It depends.

If you would like to vote sometime in the future, there is no deadline.

If you would like to vote in the November 4, 2008, General Election for President of the United States, then there most definitely is a deadline, and it is October 7.

How do I know this - definitely not from the County Clerk's office (shame on them). I learned of it from the billboard sign on U.S. 14 between Woodstock and Crystal Lake. Thanks to Sen. Pam Althoff and Rep. Mike Tryon!

You have 15 days remaining (as of, and including, September 17) to register. If you have moved, you must re-register.

Election officials forecast a large number of first-time voters.

If you know someone who is at least 18 and who is not a registered voter, persuade him to register. A person cannot vote, if he is not registered. He can always decide whether to vote, come Election Day. If he is not registered, then he has no choice - he cannot vote.

You would never know of the registration deadline, if you read only the Voter Registration information on the McHenry County website. How easy it would be to inform voters that they must register (or re-register) by a certain date.

The County webpage also fails to inform those wishing to register to vote of the many places where registration can be completed. You don't have to go to the office of the County Clerk at the courthouse.

For information about where you can register, call 815.334.4242

Do not wait until the last moment. And, if you register at some place other than the County Clerk's office, be sure to save your copy of your registration form. If you get to the voting place on Election Day and are told that you are not registered, present your copy of your registration form and insist (politely) that the voting judge do whatever is necessary to allow you to vote.

Voting in the USA is not a privilege. It is your Right!

Can't wait for November 4th to get here. Vote early. The phrase, "Vote Early and Vote Often", comes to mind. I'll be sporting my Voting button on Election Day. As I leave the voting place, I always say, "See you later." Keep in mind that the County Clerk probably won't want to see your shining face more than once.
Early voting starts October 14. You can find that information about Early Voting on the McHenry County website at
Of course, you can't vote early, if you are not registered!

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