Sunday, September 14, 2008

City to Return Unneeded Property

On September 16 the City Council will vote to return property to Anthony Rosati - property acquired from Mr. Rosati for the South/Rt. 47/Fair/Calhoun Project. The property located at 808 East South Street.

Presumably, the City paid Mr. Rosati for the property. Now that the Project has fallen off the City's radar, the City wants to transfer it back to him.

The City passed an ordinance in March 2008 authorizing execution of a warranty deed for the conveyance of the property back to Mr. Rosati. The deed was executed and delivered for recording with the McHenry County Recorder of Deeds. The Recorder's office found the deed to be insufficient and that the "proper" way to return the property was by way of a street "vacation".

The City Attorney prepared an ordinance vacating the property. But a public hearing has to be held. Notice of the public hearing has been given, and the hearing will be held on Tuesday, September 16, 7:00PM in the City Council chambers.

Chalk up one more item for Tuesday night's meeting.

How much did all this legal wrangling cost the City of Woodstock?

I certainly hope that Mr. Rosati recovered all his expenses and legal fees, plus recording fees and taxes.

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