Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Should Teachers Strike?

As most know by now, the teachers in the Huntley School District have gone on strike. The strike started Monday morning, Sept. 15.

Should teachers strike? No. NO! And NOOOOO!

Students belong in school, getting educated with the huge taxpayer dollars that are extracted from property owners.

The disruption in the lives of children, parents, teachers, and the businesses of employers is too great to permit strikes by teachers.

An agreement should have been reached long before now.

There is only a certain amount of money in the pot for education. One solution might be to tell the teachers' union: "This is how much money there is for teachers' salaries and benefits. You split it up. We expect teachers to be in the classroom, prepared and teaching. If they are not, we will replace them - permanently."

And then let the teachers duke it out with their union leaders.

When a mother (or father) must take time off from work to care for children who would otherwise be in school, why should an employer take it on the cuff? Employees not showing up for work should, at a minimum, be docked for the hours they miss. Then we'll see what kind of pressure gets put on the teachers and the school district to settle.

Parents should be demanding that BOTH sides sit down and resolve the issues. No breaks. Put them in a meeting room and lock the door. Send in food. Clean the purple potties. Tell them to wind it up.

And if they can't or won't. Bring in substitutes. There are hundreds of unemployed, qualified teachers anxious to work.


Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

If police officers and fire personnel can't "strike" why should teachers be allowed to strike. They certainly affect the operation of a society in a very dramatic and important way also. If they can't resolve their differences before school begins then mandatory arbitration needs to be imposed with a time limit which will make sure the children are in school on the first day they are supposed to be in school. And this is being said by the father of a school teacher who is one of the best.

Kyle S. said...

Teachers are hardly a "life/safety" issue as police and fire departments are. Teachers' unions and school boards should be required to go to binding arbitration. Or at least require non-binding arbitration. Then should an arbiter say both parties are at an impasse, a strike can be initiated. But to play parents and students as pawns is wrong for both sides.

letsgetridofgus said...

"Students belong in school, getting educated with the huge taxpayer dollars that are extracted from property owners." Even though you don't own any land, this really upsets you.

DownByTheRiver said...

Hey, Let'sGetRidofGus-

Renters are paying propert taxes too - in fact, likely at a higher rate than ordinary home owners for the assessed value of their digs.

A rental home, condo or townhouse tax bill is considerably than when occupied by an owner. A multi-family rental propert even more!

Who do you think is paying those taxes? It's not coming out of the owner's pocket! If they were, he'd no longer be a landlord, but a landless pauper! LOL !