Monday, September 22, 2008

Advertise in the NWH - Not!

Where is the most expensive real estate in McHenry County?

Bull Valley? Barrington? Johnsburg?

How about in the Classified section of the Northwest Herald? My stepson is going to have a garage sale this week-end, and he wants to run an ad in the paper to attract customers.

I figured that a 2-3-line ad might be $7-8 to run 2-3 days.

He called today and, when he reported the pricing to me, I questioned him and told him it couldn't cost that much. When I called, the operators were so busy placing ads that I kept hearing the "hold" message, which finally told me I could place the ad online.

Going to the website, I found the pricing. Try this on for size: 10-15 lines, $34.00

First of all, who wants a garage sale ad with 10-15 lines? And, secondly, who wants to spend $34 for a garage sale ad???

I can appreciate that newspapers are starving for revenues; at those rates, they'll just keep on starving.

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