Wednesday, September 3, 2008

John McCain - Too Old

The significance of John McCain's age was very clear at the end of Sarah Palin's speech tonight. When McCain came out onto the stage and stood by that family, I thought, "Man! He is old!"

And he acted old. Forced smile. Uncertain movements. Play the tape on "Slow." Study his movements, gestures, facial expressions. The man is o-l-d. Is that what we want in the White House?

Much of Sarah's Obama bashing won't hold up to scrutiny.

What a weird election this is shaping up to be.


DownByTheRiver said...

No, I think Obama won't hold up to scrutiny:

Only 46 years old, but already 2 memoirs and yet no significant legislation?

Jumps for the brass ring after only 1 year in the US Senate.

If Change presumes that there needs to be more reaching across the aisle, with Obama voting with his party 99% of the time, and McCain voting the party line 90% of the time, who do you think will provide more in the way of change?

Change from what? The Democrat-controlled Congress that has even worse approval ratings than Bush?

Change from what, even more massive spending than even the Republicans were spending this last go-round?

Change from a poor economy by placing a heavier tax burden on it?

Can't bowl. Worried about arugala inflation. LOL!


letsgetridofgus said...

Y-o-u a-r-e o-l-d t-o-o!!!! Face it it, you are balding and have gray hair, look in a mirror.

Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

Again Gus I must respectfully disagree with you again. Choose substance over rhetoric and two people who have actually had resposibilites and have met them and have not just voted "present" 130 times. Get real Gus.

Charisma alone does not a good president make!

gladis said...

Forget age, anyone who votes Republican this year needs their heads examined! Have you lookes at our economy, have you looked at our national debt? I don't think you need to stick with your party if your party is letting this country down! We have a lot of digging to do to get ourselves out of this mess and earn the respect back we lost over the past two Presidential terms.

Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

To Gladis: I will definitely pray for you and that you grow in wisdom and common sense. Oh, yes, I forgot what great world wide respect our previous democratic president brought us in the side room off of the oval office.

gladis said...

Your petty comment Doctor, show's me what your concerns are, what a shame. I was refering to war, thousands dead, Americans losing jobs, shutting the doors on their business's, health care for those who are not able to afford it, our national debt etc etc, things that really matter I suppose everyone interpretation of wisdom and common sense is different

Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

Dear Gladis,
My comment was not petty and if you possessd some wisdom and common sense, which is not a relative value...truth is not relative, you would have understood that. I suspect you are one of the hopelessly politically lost that believe a political savior is on the national horizon and that he must be young and say what you want to hear. McCain is not perfect and not young but he does not live in the make believe rhetorical world of self indulgance and promotion that his opponent does. Sure we have problems...our country has always had problems and unfortunatly always will and no ONE MAN OR WOMAN is going to solve them in one or two terms in office. Our country is still an experiment "in progress"
a country founded on absolute truths and the need, at that time, for revolution to attain them and I suspect with the evil that surrounds us in the world and the hatred towards us because of what we have that unfortunately more lives will be lost defending our freedom and truths. Freedom is not has and always will be purchased by the blood of American does not come to us by just wishing it so or talking the good talk. Our men and women who defend us at the cost of their lives have paid since the beginning of this country the price that we can never repay. Retreat is defeat and the blood of patriots present and past and in the future will scream out to us...NO NEVER!

gladis said...

Thanks for the giggle Doctor, I find you amusing!

Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

God bless you Gladis and whatever road you take.