Saturday, September 13, 2008

Contacting Beat Officers

The Woodstock Police Department has created new, joint email addresses for the police officers assigned to the four beats in Woodstock. Now, finally, it is possible to address an email communication to the "beat" and expect all three officers, along with sergeants and other command personnel, to see your message.

For Beat 21, use
For Beat 22, use
For Beat 23, use
For Beat 24, use

You can still write to officers individually by using the first initial of the first name following by the full last name, followed by ""

The problem with that, in the past, was an officer might have changed assignments, been on vacation or sick leave or a day off, or even have moved on to greener pastures.

If you want to provide information to the P.D. about a "situation" in your neighborhood and you want all officers on the beat to know about it, then use the permanent beat officer (pbo) email address. Be sure to include the beat number.

If you want to send a general email to the police department and let them figure out who should get it, send it to

If you have a preference for contact with you, such as "reply by email" or "call me at (phone no.)" or "do not come to my house without calling first", be sure to include that.


laura a said...

how does one figure out what beat area you reside in? thanks!

Gus said...

Great question! You'd think that the Police Department would make it easy by posting a map of the beats on its website. I suggested that quite a while back.

You can get a map of the beats from Tamara Reed, who is the administrative assistant to Chief Lowen. Email her at or call her at 815.338.2131

Or you might find it in the City Scene, which is published quarterly by the City of Woodstock. Copies are mailed to all households, available at City Hall, at the Rec Center and probably at the Library.

Roughly, Beat 21 is the northeast quadrant of Woodstock - north of Country Club Road and east of Route 47 (and NE of the corner of Madison and South Streets.

Beat 22 is the NW quadrant of the City - north of Jackson and north of South St., including the Square.

Beat 23 is the SW quadrant (south of South St. and west of Lake Ave. and Route 47).

Beat 24 is the SE quadrant - south of Country Club Rd. and east of Lake Avenue and Route 47.