Saturday, September 13, 2008

Outdoor Swimming at the Rec Center

Check out the sidewalk and parking lot at the Woodstock Recreation Center on Lake Avenue at Kimball Street. Almost looks like an outdoor swimming hole, doesn't it?

The sidewalk here floods regularly during hard rains, giving pedestrians no place to go but into the street.

One pedestrian this afternoon chose to attempt a safe route around the water by staying close to the rec center building and trying to cross the guardrail onto the Clark gas station property by the air pump. Unfortunately, the water there was deep, and it appeared he had stepped into mud as well. The man, perhaps a resident of Walden Oaks and without automobile transportation, had, he thought, wisely avoided the street. He stepped into water and mud that was well above ankle height and was having an extremely difficult time climbing over the guardrail.

Could the City re-do the sidewalk so that it isn't buried in high water during rains? Should it? Or provide adequate drainage that it would require of any private party?

The City is correcting the sidewalk farther east on Lake Avenue toward Wal-Mart. Here's another project. When the City bought the recreational center, it apparently did not know of the drainage problem that would flood the sidewalk. Or did it?

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