Monday, September 15, 2008

Sarah Palin - The Right VP Candidate?

Come on now, folks. Let's be serious. Is Sarah Palin the right VP candidate for John McCain? For the United States?

All things considered, is she? Is she your pick to run the country, if John McCain can't (or doesn't) make it through a four-year term? I mean, I wish him good health, safety, soundness of mind and a healthy next four years.

But, and it's a huge "But", what if the VP has to step in? What if some wacko with a pitbull and a tube of lipstick decides that it's time that this country had a woman president.

Do her qualifications as soccer mom, mayor of a town smaller than Woodstock, governor of the largest State by size but the 47th state by population (670,053 in 2006, per the U.S. Census Bureau) for less than two years (December 4, 2006) place her in the line of people competent to lead the United States?

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