Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mad as Hell about...

Letter from a reader:

Hello to everyone that (name deleted) sent the email about the "Man Charged With Rape" North West Herald article :

My wife happened to be on that email list...I'm Ray.

This is turning out to be quite a SNAFU that folks here in Woodstock should be "MAD AS HELL ABOUT!!!"

I am sending this out to everyone simply as an FYI...I recently found a rather interesting website all about Woodstock. It is a blog put out by a resident of Woodstock by the name of Gus Philpott.

Here is the site:

The website is quite an interesting read...obviously there is currently quite a bit on there about this rape incident. But Gus also puts up information about local Taxes and various community happenings...and of course his favorite pet-peeve...traffic problems. Perhaps you can be found in one of his famous blog entries as he takes pictures of traffic violators in action. HA!

Anyway...go take a look at his particular the entries about this rape incident...feel free to comment on his site...I'm sure he would like to hear what some of us would also be a cool place to help people stay informed about what is happening around town.

Anyway...if you look at his blog you'll notice that he is making a call for all of us to go check out the next City Council meeting on Sept 16th...if you're "MAD AS HELL" about should come out and make your voice heard.

Ray Shoffner (name used with permission)

Note from Gus: you can find The Woodstock Advocate without "blogspot." Just type in

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