Sunday, September 7, 2008

Save Grace Hall? Read this...

Received from a Woodstock resident. Message as posted on WellesNet. See

SIMON CALLOW, Actor and Orson Welles biographer on saving Grace Hall at The Todd School
September 7th, 2008 Lawrence French Posted in Criticism & Research, News, Plays and Theater

Simon Callow has undoubtedly written more about Orson Welles and his happy time spent at The Todd School in Woodstock, Illinois, than any other Welles biographer. So I’m happy to announce that Mr. Callow has sent along this message of support for all the citizens and politicians of Woodstock who are attempting to save Grace Hall from demolition:

"Todd School was one of the great pioneering American schools, and its unique qualities made Orson Welles what he was. He never forgot it, and was speaking to Roger Hill, its inspired and inspiring head teacher, almost to the day he died. It would be a sad day if he thought that all trace of Todd had disappeared, but it would be a sadder day for American education, of which this was one of the jewels." – Simon Callow

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