Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gas Price-Gouging Already

Gas price-gouging had begun around the country before Hurricane Ike ever landed. And today gas prices for regular-grade fuel are almost $.50/gal. higher than recently. And the fuel to be delivered after Ike hasn't even reached us yet.

Locally, the Clark station was slow to increase its price, and I slipped in yesterday about 5:45PM and purchased gas at $3.999/gallon. An hour later, the price was $4.09. Even later, the price was still $3.999 at the Marathon at Route 47 and Lake Avenue.

And today? Check out the prices.

If the price went up because of increased costs or shortages (supply vs. demand), that would be one thing. For stations to jack up the prices on fuel already in the ground is price-gouging.

This type of predatory pricing could probably be addressed by the Attorney General. Will she have the guts to take on the gasoline distributors and the retailers?

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