Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pilati, Volstad; Cops Again?

Remember the Hallett beating case at KC Cabin in Fox Lake? How off-duty cops and former cops allegedly beat a handcuffed man? And got convicted? And appealed?

And how McHenry County Judge Joseph Condon sealed court records, so that We the People are barred from getting information that the public is entitled to have?

And now McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi says it is "extremely unusual" for a judge to seal records in a case like that but that Judge Condon's "order could not be appealed."

Oh, really? Since when can a lower court's judge's order not be appealed to a higher court? Aren't there at least two courts of higher authority than Judge Condon's court?

Of course, as I say often, "I am not a lawyer." But, when something doesn't smell right, those who are lawyers ought to get busy and figure out how to use the law to get something to happen.

Pilati now stands convicted only of a misdemeanor. This means that, if he can find a police department to hire him, he can go back to work as a cop.

Now, what police department is not going to Google an applicant and learn what a former employer probably will not reveal. Pesky "HR" laws now make Human Resources personnel extremely wary of reporting anything other than "Your applicant was hired by us on (date) and left our employment on (date)."

Big deal, eh? In Denver I met a young man who was an HR manager of a law firm. He was really sharp! When he called an applicant's reference, he asked, "Was there a great sigh of relief when this person left your employ?"

What would the former employers of Pilati, Volstad and Quilici say?

Are Pilati and Volstad working again as police officers? Where?

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