Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prairie Ridge Residents Meet at the P.D.

Just heard about tonight's meeting of the Prairie Ridge residents at the Woodstock Police Department. Will be gathering more details from a number of the residents who were there.

Attn. Please inform me of meetings like this. I'll be glad to be there to collect the "news" and publish it right away. No need to wait for your puppy to drag the Northwest Herald to your door in the morning. Read tomorrow's news tonight!

Earlier today I wrote about the dearth of police news on the City's P.D. website. You can read those comments on www.WoodstockCrimeLog.info

I'll tell you this. You'd better read the crime news, if any, during the first few days on the P.D.'s Crime Alert webpage. They don't leave bad news up very long.

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