Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain - Way, way out of the ballpark!

Here's an excellent reason to take a pass on McCain and Palin; at least, on McCain.

CNN reports this afternoon that "...John McCain's campaign accused Obama and Democrats of putting 'politics ahead of country'." The remark follows the vote by the House of Representatives to deep-six the government's $700,000,000,000 (that's 11 zeroes!) bail-out.

The reason they voted it down is that it is a lousy bill. Yes, rescue is needed. And, if they keep working together toward a good bill, they'll get one that will pass.

The 228 who voted against it are not putting politics ahead of the country. They are putting the country ahead of politics. And that's just the way it is.

Let's look up the votes of our local Representatives Bean and Manzullo. How did they vote? Everybody in the country must be trying to get onto because the site won't open. Or did they all clear out of town and take the keys with them?

Thanks to the Washington Post:

No: 133 Republicans, 95 Democrats = 228 Against
Yes: 140 Democrats, 65 Republicans = 205 For (corrected 9:20PM)
One (1) Congressman not voting

Manzullo? No
Bean? Yes

9 Representatives voted Yes
9 Representatives voted No
And Illinois' own Rep. Jerry Weller was the sole Congressman not voting.

Once I was asked if I had trouble making decisions. I said, "Yes and No." Was that Jerry's problem today?


DownByTheRiver said...

Hey Gus -

Should be:

No: 133 Republicans, 95 Democrats = 228 Against

Yes: 65 Republicans, 140 Democrats = 205 For

One (1) Congressman not voting

Of course, if you'd like to imagine that we've got 274+ Republicans in the House, then Hoo! Hoo! ;-)

Now really, tell me you've never heard nonsense of any kind coming out of the Obama campaign? Ever?

Didn't see the whole quote or heard the full story, but part of what McCain's problem with it all may have to do with all of the crap that had to be stripped from the bill so far, including a multi-million dollar slush fund for Acorn. Probably not speaking in direct regard to the actual vote total.

On the other hand, Queen Nancy was having a right old snit - pointing fingers everywhere on why we're here at this point except for the saintly Democrats. LOL!

Over the last 2 years, Senator Dodd and Representative Frank, chairmen of their respective banking committees have repeatedly deflected opinions that Fannie and Freddie needed direct oversight among other things, and repeatedly assured us that they were "fine" and "solid".

Of course, blame to go all around, and over many, many years. However, typical schoolyard deflection of blame.

I think she was just angry because it's obvious most of them were up all night and/or sleeping on couches, and like so many others, her hair looked like sh*t today! LOL!


Gus said...

DBTR, thanks for the correction on the voting numbers! And for your good comment.

frank the butt pirate (public enemy #1) said...

-now its in the right post-
The Deomocrats first created this problem. This became an issue years ago and a committee was created to oversee Fannie May and Freddie Mac. The response of the Dems was there was no problem. The problem was attempted to be fixed but it was blocked by you know who. What is responsible for this mess? Look up the CRA Act back when Carter and his friends were in control. Too many risky loans were given out to people who couldn't pay them back. All just to make the rich fatter.
Look up the people responsible for this and see which candidate they are backing, they are even Obama's advisors. You might even find the tie to high gas prices. How can America elect someone who comes from this mess to fix a broken wall street that was broken down by the Dems in the first place?