Thursday, September 11, 2008

City Council - Tues., Sept. 16 - Be There

This next City Council meeting may be a blockbuster. I was going to use another word, but ...

Not only will citizens concerned with public safety in one's own backyard be there, but the good folks wanting to knock down Grace Hall will be there.

Will there be any answers as to why the principal at Dean St. School was not notified last Thursday about the man with a gun only three blocks from the School? (Principal Pedro Lara-Oliva did not learn of the incident until Monday - four days later!)

Any answers as to why the suspect was not given a ride to the P.D. on Thursday morning, right after he was positively identified by a photo on the in-car computer? Residents heard at t he Monday Coffee with the Chief that it is good police work to drive a victim past a suspect - no matter that a good defense lawyer will blow that out of the water in a heart beat.)

Any answers why the investigation was closed so quickly - and then re-opened the next day?

Any answers as to why no information was released to the press promptly? (I emailed a Northwest Herald editor on Tuesday, and a story appeared on Wednesday.)

Will the City Council approve demolition of Grace Hall on Tuesday night? And will the wrecking ball be there at 5:00AM Wednesday morning?

If those who object to the demolition of Grace Hall are serious, they'd better get a good out-of-McHenry County lawyer right now and be ready to file papers against the demolition when the courthouse opens Wednesday morning. And they might consider planning a walking tour early on Wednesday morning to photograph - close up - the individual bricks of Grace Hall at eye-level. There are some very interesting patterns in the bricks. Of course, they may need to stand quite close to the walls to get good pictures. Oh, never mind the wrecking ball swinging overhead.

Tuesday, September 16, 7:00PM. Woodstock City Hall. Get there early, unless you want to stand.

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