Sunday, September 14, 2008

Don't Dare Park Here

The City just paid good money for a parking study, and one of the findings was that there was insufficient handicapped parking on the Square.

So there was probably a very good reason that one of the few handicapped parking places was blocked on Sunday morning. I don't know when this, along with numerous other parking places, was blocked; perhaps Saturday night; perhaps for some event on Sunday?
Wouldn't it be nice if the City included some notice regarding the reason for the parking restriction and the hours of the restriction?
Granted, at the time I took this picture on Sunday morning, you could have fired the cannon that used to be by the memorial in the Square and not had to worry very much about hitting any cars. But, since there were practically no cars, why were the parking spaces blocked? Okay, I already know that, if they needed to be blocked later in the day, it's necessary to do it early. And I'll grant that for the non-handicap parking spaces.
But why block the handicap space?
Attention: City officials. Information, please. This is what we want.

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