Sunday, September 7, 2008

Businessowner Street Parking

The City of Woodstock just spent a bundle on a parking study and one of the findings was that employees of businesses take up public street parking spaces. Well, duh... The city did not have to spend any money to learn that!

On a regular basis this vehicle is parked on Calhoun Street, as it was on Saturday morning during the Farmer's Market. (Click to enlarge photo.)

Certainly, the driver of any licensed vehicle can legally park on a city street. No question about that. This vehicle is legally parked. And it is parked on the street in order to advertise its business. If the driver parked in a City lot or elsewhere so that customers could find on-street parking spaces, would he benefit from the same advertising signs on his vehicle? I'll guess that he thinks he wouldn't.

I can hear the screams already, should the City contact a businessowner about parking legally on a street. But the Chamber of Commerce and the WDBA might be able to influence him (and others) to park elsewhere, so that paying customers of downtown businesses can find a place to park.

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