Friday, September 12, 2008

Gary Lang Sales Event

Gary Lang Auto, of McHenry, is having another big blow-out, peddling lots of used cars on the McHenry County Fairgrounds this week-end and Monday.
Do you know how much of the sales tax collected goes to the City of Woodstock? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. None.
Why? Because the McHenry County Fairgrounds is located in the County, not in the City of Woodstock.
Yet Gary Lang comes to town, sucks up a lot of local money and carries it all back to Route 31 in McHenry.
Is it legal? Yes. Is it right? Well, you decide.
Remember when Bull Valley Ford wanted to have a "blow-out" at Farm & Fleet, and they found out that Woodstock City Code doesn't allow it?
According to the McHenry County Planning and Zoning Department, all Gary Lang needs (or, probably, all that the McHenry County Fairgrounds organization needs) is a Temporary Use Permit. And that can be issued with no regard whatsoever for Zoning. Nice deal, eh?
Who issues such a Permit? The County's Code Enforcement Officer.
There apparently is no public input to Temporary Use Permits. A business just deals directly with the Code Enforcement Officer. One man decides.
The recourse is to contact the County Board member(s) in your District and ask their influence on the use of this property in the County. No doubt the Fairgrounds is scratching for every possible source of income.
Is anyone else tired of these auto sales events?

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