Monday, September 22, 2008

Chicago Cops Slow Down

There is quite an interesting Associated Press article in this morning's Northwest Herald, Page 5A. The headline is "Officers say they are rebelling against chief."

The cops don't like new CPD Chief Jody Weis, a former FBI agent who reportedly earns $320,000/year. Three hundred twenty THOUSAND? No wonder they are rebelling.

But his pay may not be what they are mad about.

They don't feel backed up. OK, check out one officer's comment. A 25-year cop is quoted as saying, "But I don't go out of my way to stop someone on a hunch or if they look suspicious." No wonder he fears retaliation.

Doesn't a cop need "probable cause" to stop someone in Chicago? Cops learn that in Police 101. Is this what the Chicago cops are mad about? That they can't just grab someone on the street because he looks guilty?

Cops need a police chief who will back them up, and they need one who will rap them on their knuckles when they don't follow the laws that they are supposed to know so well.

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