Thursday, September 11, 2008

Real Estate Taxes - Too High?

Have you seen Bob Anderson's flyer, which informs you how to challenge your real estate property assessment? And where to get complaint forms for filing your complaint or appeal? Thousands of copies of the flyer are be distributed via The Woodstock Independent and Northwest Herald newspapers.

The County and Township assessors would like you to think that assessments are not too high and that many property owners are not upset. Oh, really?

I'll try to scan Bob's notice and post it here. In the meantime, send your email address to and be added to the email distribution list for information. If you know a concerned property owner who still uses U.S. Mail and not a computer, that person can be added to the postal distribution list. To be added, write to the same email address for that person. My suggestion is to send $5-10-15 to cover postage for mailings and to support the mailed distribution of information. (This is my suggestion and has not been suggested by Bob or anyone connected with his efforts.) Citizens for Fair Assessment has been formed for this effort.

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