Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Bikes, Skateboards on the Square

Heads up, kids. You'll be finding new rules soon on the Square for riding your bikes and skateboards.

Tonight's City Council meeting included passage, without discussion or any notice other than mention as an Agenda item, of an expanded ordinance that prohibits skateboarding and riding bicycles on the sidewalks of the Square, including streets leading into the Square.

Celebrating with a ride past City Hall tonight were two boys, having a joy ride right down the middle of Calhoun Street in front of City Hall. Think they had any concern about the action to be taken by the City Council just yard away?

Think they care?

The ordinance itself doesn't mention any specific fine. Is it the "usual" $75.00 fine? Can the fine be paid at City Hall or do you have to go to McHenry County Courthouse? That's a long skateboard ride from the Square.

First, the City will have to install signs to warn bicyclists and skateboarders to stay off the sidewalks. Then there will probably be a warning period - maybe 30 days when the police will only issue warnings.

Let's hope their policy is one warning per kid and not 30 days' worth of warning. It won't take long for the word to get around town.


Nicole said...
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Gus said...

Thanks for commenting, Nicole. So far as I know, snowboarding has not been prohibited on the Square.

Nor ski-jumping. Maybe Norge will come to Woodstock and build a ski jump from the top of the Opera House, across Van Buren Street, up and over the gazebo, and launching jumpers down Main Street.

Evilgus said...

Gus, I'm not sure if you are unaware, but Nicole is an advertisement that looks for keywords on the blogs and then posts comments with links to sites they want to advertise for and not an actual person.