Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gov. Sarah, Stay out of Island Lake

Just in case Gov. Sarah Palin is reading this, you had better stay out of Island Lake.

Check out What's Happening in Island Lake by clicking on the link to the right or going to

Obviously, midnight moose-hunting, NRA member Gov. Sarah Palin does not know what alarm and disturbance she might create in little, ol' Island Lake, should her campaign make a stop there.

Someone should alert her security staff and buy her some mittens, if she shows up at the Village Hall to tell all how much she'll appreciate their votes. It won't be a very friendly welcome, when the Island Lake Police Department arrest her and throw her, handcuffed, into the back seat of one of the squad cars.

I guess the Secret Service would just have to follow them to jail and wait while she posts bond. Do you think?

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