Thursday, September 11, 2008

Man with Gun Caught

The suspect from last Thursday's crime (yes, it was a crime!) - the man with the gun "for the cat" - was apprehended by Woodstock Police, but only after he sexually assaulted a woman in a laundromat early Friday morning.

Read all about it right now in the online edition of the Northwest Herald at

Tuesday night, Sept. 16th, is the next City Council meeting. 7:00PM. City Hall. If you live nearby, you might want to walk. There probably won't be any parking spaces nearby.

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gladis said...

Tuesday night at the coffee with the Police Chief,we were told that the police couldn't be everywhere at once,true, however if we are streched so thin, maybe we could quit sitting up stings for seatbelt violators, and other revenue ventures and focus on the real crimes going on in this town. I have seen "several" and I do mean several cars and officers out on 47 hwy, handing out tickets for seatbelt violations. Yes we should wear our seatbelts, my point is lets quit focusing on gaining revenues and start focusing on the job at hand, to keep the citizens of our community safe!