Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TONIGHT! Woodstock City Council - 7:00PM

If you have never been to a Woodstock City Council meeting, tonight will be one not to miss.

City Council chambers are expected to be packed tonight, due to the number of issues that have attracted public attention.

1. Police response to a man-with-a-gun incident near Dean St. School on Sept. 4.
2. Demolition plans for Grace Hall of the former Todd School, now Woodstock Christian Life Services.
3. Expansion of bicycle and skateboard restrictions on sidewalks of the Square.

Don't miss the Public Hearing on the return of property to Mr. Rosati, now that a street program has been abandoned. The City will try once again to "get it right." Let's hope there is no expense to Mr. Rosati and no more expense to the City. Glad I'm not paying 100% of the legal fees on that transfer of property back to the property owner.


Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

I am a relative newcomer to McHenry County: 33 years. I did have an office in Woodstock for about 25 years. It seems like they have been trying to "get it right" for at least that long. I wish them luck for the tax payers sake and the wellbeing of its citizens.

Kyle S. said...

Teachers are hardly a "life/safety" issue as police and fire departments are. Teachers' unions and school boards should be required to go to binding arbitration. Or at least require mediaton first. Then should an mediator say both parties are at an impasse, a strike can be initiated. But to play parents and students as pawns is wrong for both sides.