Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Woodstock - about to get skunked again?

2013 World Series in Woodstock? No, not the Yankees and the Cards. Try Little League International.

The Little League would apparently like to make a deal with the City of Woodstock to use Emricson Park fields for its 50/70 Division for 11-to-13-year-old players.

A good deal for Woodstock? Man, if they can peddle this deal to our City Council, they'll be back in a year wanting to sell the Brooklyn Bridge.

Woodstock Little League offers $10,000. Big deal! And the improvements could cost the City $130,000, according to Mayor Sager. So, taxpayers, where will the other $120,000 come from. Guess...

What improvements?
- larger field dimensions
- upgrade the irrigation system
- enhance the press box (what press box?)
- enhance the score box (is there a score box now?)
- expand and enclose the dugouts
- new lighting
- new fencing

There is no way (NO WAY) that's going to cost only $130,000.

Let some other town have the "opportunity." (I guess my "advice" almost assures the improvements will be made and Woodstockers will end up footing a big bill.)

Baseball Field A
City resident now? Have kids? Some friends coming over? Want to go to Emricson for a little "pick-up" baseball game? Want to just send your kids to the (taxpayer-supported) park to play ball for the afternoon. Don't even think of it!

Check out the "Welcome" signs posted at the baseball and soccer fields. Keep in mind that your taxes pay for these parks. And you can't use them. They are reserved or dedicated for league play.

Prohibiting resident use and dedicating these public fields for league play only is so wrong in such a big way. Why does your City Council permit city administration to make rules like these? Here's why. It's because YOU don't complain.
Soccer field near South St.

It's time for interested parties to band together, to combine your voices so that you will be heard.  Start showing up at City Council meetings en masse and start telling the City Council members and Mayor what you want. And what you don't want.
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Anonymous said...

One day a few years ago, TMB had a full trash can and rather than sit a trashbag next to my little dumpster forcing the garbageman out of the truck to manually put in in the trucks bin, I took the trahbag to our city park. I placed it in the dumptser. Immediately a police officer cam eover and questioned what I was doing, then said i could not put my trash in there. i told him I begged to differ: as i was a TAXPAYING resident so that trash dumpster was in fact "mine"! i was polite in my explanation, and the officer did not want to argue so he left me alone.
Boy was I happy about that.... not the fact that he went away, but didnt ask me for a donut or one of my C45's I had chill'n on my front seat! DOH!!!