Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beth Bentley gone 113 weeks. Lawyer: dismiss case

Beth Bentley vanished in May 2010. She disappeared sometime between May 20-23. She was last seen in Illinois.

Sure glad I wrote my article about Jenn Wyatt's charges on Tuesday because, on Wednesday, her attorney appeared in court and asked for charges to be dismissed.

Her argument? Sure sounds like it was close to mine, and mine wasn't even new. Shortly after the felony charges were filed against Jenn back in March, I wondered out loud whether the Woodstock Police would be able to make them stick.

Jenn's attorney is Kim Messer, Assistant Public Defender in McHenry County.

Felony charges have to be approved by the State's Attorney's Office. A police department can't just file felony charges. So what do you suppose led the Woodstock Police Department and the McHenry County State's Attorney's Office to believe they'd be able to successfully prosecute Jenn on these charges?

Maybe they'll surprise Jenn and her lawyer and be able to do it. On the face of it, they shouldn't be able to, because the Woodstock Police have never spoken of any "crime" having been committed. Beth Bentley is "just" a missing person. Of course, that's if you believe the Woodstock Police Department.

When you start asking around, no one believes Beth Bentley is a missing person. The good people of southern Illinois have rallied from the start and assumed that Beth had vanished from southern Illinois. But did she?

Did Beth vanish from Centralia, Ill., where Jenn says she dropped Beth off near the Amtrak Station on Sunday, May 23, 2010?

Or did Beth vanish from Mount Vernon, Ill., where Beth and Jenn had reportedly visited Ryan and Nathan Ridge? Has either Ridge ever been interviewed by the Woodstock Police Department, the Mount Vernon, Police Department, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office or the Illinois State Police in this case?

Or did Beth really ever leave Woodstock on Thursday night, May 20, 2010?

Jenn knows. Ryan Ridge knows. Nathan Ridge knows. My guess is that another half-dozen people in Woodstock know.

When the Woodstock PD officers interviewed Jenn on May 23-24, did she tell them that she had driven the rental car 300 miles back from Mount Vernon on May 24? Did they ask her for any photo identification? Did she show them an expired California Driver's License? Did they notice at the time that it was expired and raise the question about her legal authority to operate a motor vehicle in Illinois? Did she drive away from the interview that night?

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Karen30036 said...

Whoever is responsible for this is certainly relieved that no one jumped all over this and did any serious digging or searching (for Beth and the truth).
"The story" ... a joke. Anyone (sober)with 1/2 a brain can figure that out. Which begs the question, why did "the story" have to be told at all? Just keep repeating it over and over and let time (the enemy) pass, after all, it's a missing person case not a criminal investigation (yet). Time ... for stories to get muddled, destruction of forensic evidence, and loss of interest by the public, while the person(s) responsible go on living as though nothing happened. Sad.