Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Handicap parking scofflaws - beware

From the Governor:

Tempted to sneak into that Handicapped Parking slot and run into Jewel "just for a minute"?

That "minute" could cost you - big time!

House Bill 5624, signed by Gov. Quinn yesterday, increases the initial fine for unauthorized use of a disability license plate or parking decal to $600 (up from $500), and doubles the initial fine for creating or possessing fraudulent disability plates and using a genuine disability placard in the absence of the authorized holder ($1000, up from $500).

Think you'll just ask your doctor to certify that you are disabled, when you really aren't? Ka-ching, ka-ching. That one will cost your doctor $1000.

The legislation ends, effective in 2014, the full parking meter fee exemption for those with disability placards and allows the Secretary of State to issue a new meter-exempt decal or placard to people with disabilities who meet certain requirements and who are unable to access or operate a parking meter.

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