Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cops gone wild - raid wrong house

Evansville (Ind.) Police have some egg on their faces, after its SWAT team raided the wrong house while they executed a search warrant at the end of June.

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Then they didn't want to release a copy of the search warrant, which apparently did not even have the name of a suspect. Once it is executed, it's no longer confidential. There might be certain information they could get away with redacting, but withholding the entire document is likely to get them in further hot water.

You'd think there would be at least a shred of common sense somewhere in a police department that would cause them to put a site under observation and try to learn a little about who is coming and going. Purely from the perspective of self-defense, that would seem to be a good idea.

The article didn't give the age of the elderly grandmother who owned the house. Evansville PD may be getting ready to foot the repair bill.

NOTE: Do you have an unsecured wireless connection in your home? If so, you might just be opening yourself to this kind of exposure.

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