Saturday, July 7, 2012

Make a difference - today

There are some people who get to go home at night from the McHenry County Jail. There are some who go back in the morning, and there is one who'd like to go back to the jail but can't - for the time-being.

Jess Fruehe is an employee of the McHenry County Jail. She'd like to be able to go to work every day, but she is home recuperating from a burst appendix and awaiting chemotherapy for recently-diagnosed cancer.

In last week's paper several fundraisers in July were announced for her benefit. The next three are July 14 (Falcons vs. Enforcers charity hockey game in West Dundee), July 17-18 at Papa John's in McHenry, and July 28 (noon-to-midnight) at the Moose Lodge in Johnsburg.

But there is another way. How about just mailing a check or cash to her? Then, rather than receiving perhaps 10% of what you'll spend at the fundraiser, Jess will receive 100%.

If $668,000 can be raised for a bullied school bus monitor, what can we do right here in McHenry County for a Woodstock mother?

Mail your donation to Jess Fruehe, c/o McHenry County Jail, 2200 N. Seminary Ave., Woodstock, IL 60098. Jail personnel will be sure that she gets it. (Make out your check to Jess Fruehe (not payable to the Jail).

Be sure to include your return address on the envelope. Last Wednesday I emailed Undersheriff Zinke to ask if it was all right for those wishing to donate to mail their checks to Corrections Officer Fruehe at the Jail's address. In the absence of a reply, I am going to assume that it's okay.


Gus said...

You can follow fundraising efforts on Facebook page "Fightin' Back For Fruehe" (spaces required).

Gus said...

Does anyone read my article as questioning whether Jessie will receive all the money raised? I didn't write it that way, and I don't read it that way; but I've been told that some readers are upset because they think I meant that.

It is my understanding and belief that Jessie will receive the money raised on her behalf.

Crackpot Jailin said...

I hope that that is your true feeling, that we are trying to help. By you telling people to just send a check to the sheriffs office so she gets 100% instead of 10% is wrong. This is a group of events that the community can attend to try and raise money and have a great time with their families. I admit that for colonial and papa johns we only get a percentage back but on July 28, there will be a bags tournament, poker tournament, raffles, silent auctions, and more...I hope people will attend and I hope we raise every penny we set out to raise.

Gus said...

CJ, when I wrote about sending money in directly, I did not think that I was suggesting that people do that, instead of attending in person.

I was thinking of people, including those who don't even live in Woodstock, who themselves might not be enjoying economic prosperity at this time, but who would send "something".

Crackpot Jailin said...

I understand that times are tough for most families now. But the way you phrased your blog sends the wrong message. I encourage everyone inside and outside of mchenry county to attend these events!!!

John Lovaas said...

Perhaps you don't recall this sentence from your post:

"...Then, rather than receiving perhaps 10% of what you'll spend at the fundraiser, Jess will receive 100%..."

Perhaps you could share with us the fundraising returns(as a percentage) for charity events that are held at:

- Enforcers hockey games
- Papa John's, McHenry, IL, and
- Moose Lodge, Johnsburg, IL

You've already made the claim(the sentence I quoted is a statement of fact, not a speculative statement) that the expenses on these fundraisers could be as high as 90%- clearly, you must possess the documents from these organizations that detail the expenses.

After all, it would be silly to make a claim about a charity's expenses when you don't possess a shred of evidence to support the claim. Looking forward to seeing the documentation.

If a salesperson came to my office and stated that a service or product I was currently using was only 10 percent as efficient as the service or product they were offering, I'd ask for evidence to support the statement.

If the saleperson replied "didn't you hear me say PERHAPS? That means I'm blindly speculating!", perhaps I'd call them a liar and escort them out of the building.

Gus said...

John, you raise some good points, but I feel they apply to professional fundraisers, not to a bunch of friends trying to help a co-worker.

Regarding my 10% or 100% to Jess, my thinking was based on action I might take. Generally, I don't go to fundraisers - for anyone or anything. But I'm willing to support the person in need; that's why I prefer to send my own donation directly.

Gus said...

It is generous of Papa John's and Colonial Cafe to donate 10% to any individual. In my opinion, the other 90% (its revenue from sales) cannot be compared to traditional fundraising expense of a non-profit organization, charity or service group.