Monday, July 9, 2012

Women and Guns in McHenry County

A gun-ownership and -rights group for women in McHenry County, Guns For Protection, will meet tonight at the On Target Shooting Range in Crystal Lake.

The meeting tonight (Monday, July 9), will be at 7:00PM. On Target is located at 560 Beechcraft Lane, which is just north of Route 176 off of Knaack Blvd (west of Terra Cotta Road). For a map, see

Last month's meeting was postponed, and Sen. Pamela Althoff is expected to attend a meeting later in the year (not tonight).

If you take a weapon, be sure to follow all range rules as you enter the building. Questions about them? See their website.

Guns for Protection will be finalizing plans to have a booth at the McHenry County Fair (August 1-5) and will also discuss the future of the group. It takes membership, participation and interest for any group to continue. Attend tonight and learn about this group.

Guns for Protection also has a Facebook page.

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