Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bull Valley speed limit alert

For those drivers who are aware of the intense speed limit enforcement by the Bull Valley Police Department, be aware of a missing speed limit sign on westbound Country Club Road.

There used to be a 45MPH speed limit sign just west of Fleming Road. It's gone.

The speed limit in the County for westbound traffic (toward Woodstock) is 50MPH. Bull Valley PD officers have a reputation (no disrespect intended) for tightly enforcing the speed limit in their village. If a driver doesn't slow down west of Fleming and passes the point where the local ordinance pronounces a 45MPH speed limit, he (or she) may find himself on the receiving end of Greetings.

Consider that you might be rolling along in the County, east of Fleming Road, at "5 over"; i.e., 55MPH in the 50MPH zone. Then you pass Fleming Road and enter Bull Valley's (non-unmarked) speed zone of 45MPH. Instantly you are "10 over".

Where it might be your lucky day in Bull Valley if you are only "5 over", you probably are not going to get a pass at "10 over". Will the cop be understanding about the missing sign? Maybe. Maybe not.

If you fight the ticket, you might be lucky enough to get a Circuit Court judge who says, "Bull Valley ticket? Case dismissed." But you might not.

For any records that you keep, an email has been sent today at 11:33AM to the Village of Bull Valley at , informing them of the missing speed limit.

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