Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Illegal searches planned at Emricson Park

Check out the signs posted at the entrances to Emricson Park, Woodstock's largest city park. (To read the "fine print", click on the image.)

Like this line? "All vehicles and coolers are subject to search."

I don't think so! And you shouldn't, either. You may want to be prepared to assert your rights against unreasonable and illegal search.

Call your lawyer and ask if you must allow a police officer to search your vehicle. Ask your lawyer if you must open your cooler and allow a police officer to search it.

Also, ask your lawyer if it is lawful for a police officer to threaten you with arrest, if you do not permit a search.

Just because the City passes an ordinance does not make it lawful. Of course, you'll need the money to fight any arrest. And you might incur the wrath of a police officer or department, if you refuse.

Then you'll have to watch out the next time you get stopped right in front of your own house for a burned-out headlight that has been out for 15 minutes and 10 miles on a winter night. The cop might start to give you a warning notice. If he can write quickly enough and send you on your way, you'll be lucky.

But if a second officer shows up and reminds him that there is an order at the P.D. to ticket you and not give you a warning if you are stopped, then plan on parting with at least $100.

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