Monday, July 30, 2012

Myra Brassard and Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Ms. Myra Brassard, 90, of Crystal Lake, got Page 1 of today's Northwest Herald in its article about the loss of Illinois Circuit Breaker and Illinois Cares Rx by thousands of senior citizens in Illinois.

Ms. Brassard lives on her Social Security check and must tighten her belt even more now because of higher deductibles, co-pays and monthly premiums to pay for her medications. What will she have to give up? Food? Or needed meds?

Three cheers to her for her comment about where the legislator responsible for slashing Circuit Breaker would find her shoe!

And then on Page A4 Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s daddy speaks up for him and says there is "no timetable" for his son's recovery from depression and gut issues, while Jr. is treated at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Now, let's pick on Jr.'s treatment at Mayo. What kind of health insurance plan does a U.S. Congressman have that is difference from Ms. Brassard's?

The finest treatment? No co-pays? No deductibles? No pesky premiums? Unlimited expenses? Oh, and privacy.

Maybe if I were facing an ethics investigation in the U.S. House of Representatives, I'd be depressed, too. And maybe my gut would be all twisted. I wrote before now when I suspected mental illness.

I have great respect for those who suffer mental illness. They should be treated. And privately. And they shouldn't be Congressmen or State Representatives.

Anyone else who didn't show up for work for seven weeks would get fired. However, Jr.'s office didn't even reveal he was out of sight. When did they? About five minutes before the filing period for elections closed.

Oh, but wait... The timing of that announcement didn't have anything to do with the filing deadline. You do believe the spokesman, don't you?

Hey, if "The Rev." Jesse Jackson really wants to do something about gun control (he was outside a downtown Chicago movie theater Saturday night, protesting assault weapons), how about if Rahm Emanuel, Father Pfleger and he go to "Murder Park" on Chicago's southeast side some Saturday night and protest the drive-bys. Think any one of them would go there on a Saturday night without immense police protection?


dave said...


What does Ms. Myra Brassard, Illinois Circuit Breaker and Illinois Cares Rx have to do with Jessie Jackson?

Katherine said...

You are really all over the place with this one.

It really is kind of hard to follow whatever point you are trying to make.

I think you should head on over to MCC and take some basic writing courses. I think you have the makings of about three different posts all crammed into this one.