Sunday, July 29, 2012

Should gov't. track "assault" rifles?

Care to participate in a poll about whether government should track who owns assault weapons?

Go to the website of the Illinois State Rifle Assn. and take the path to the newspaper (The Herald-News, a Chicago Sun-Times publication) conducting the poll.

As of right now, the numbers are 1774 (No) and 43 (Yes). Or you can go straight to the poll by clicking here.

Sure would have been nice if ISRA had sent an email to members about this poll. Guess that would fall under Member Services.

Anybody have a clue what is going on with concealed-carry in Illinois? Has it fallen by the wayside? Again?


Mike said...

This is a back door way to eventually track every weapon there is. Now any semi automatic weapon is automatically thought of as as an "assault weapon". Once these gun nuts get all semi automatics, handgun or rifle, tracked and or banned they will redefine the word to include single shot rifles, pump shotguns, revolvers or who knows even derringers as assault weapons. Whatever they need to do to disarm everyone.

Gus said...

Right you are, Mike.

Licensing a gun owner (as with Ill. FOID cards) "seems" a decent idea; you weed out the whackos. But the State then knows who "could" own guns.

The State doesn't know IF I own guns, only that I could. Would constitutional guarantees against illegal searches protect me? In Illinois? Yeah, sure...

Next step for the gun-grabbers will be gun Registration. Then the State will know What guns I have. When the knock on the door comes, I just won't answer.