Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pyle gets pay; Beemer doesn't

McHenry County (Ill.) Sheriff Keith Nygren continues to dole out $7,000/month to Sgt. Greg Pyle, who has been on paid administrative leave since early January. Pyle faces ten felony counts of predatory criminal sexual assault on a child (under age 13 (and a family member)).

The DWI Hit Parade (click on link in column to the right) carries a report on a January case of a Michigan State Trooper, John Beemer, who ran a stop sign and hit another vehicle. Beemer's BAC was 0.17%, enough to earn him a charge under Michigan's "Super Drunk" law.

Beemer is on unpaid administrative leave.

Maybe our sheriff, if he happens to hit the chair in his office someday, could call over to Michigan and ask how they got away with stopping Beemer's pay.

If he doesn't want to call on the County's dime, he could use that cell phone he pays $140/month for. That phone is paid for by Nygren's political campaign. Since he isn't running for office, why does he even keep that phone? What political-campaign phone calls could he be making to justify that continued expense?

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