Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Will Nygren stop Pyle's pay Thursday?

Will McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren stop the $7,000/month pay of disgraced deputy Sgt. Greg Pyle on Thursday?

After Pyle was charged with ten counts of predatory criminal sexual assault on a child (under age 13) early in January, Nygren placed Pyle on paid administrative leave. By disciplining Pyle this way, Nygren gave a green light for continuing Pyle's pay rate of $7,000/month.

Six months later? The County has paid Pyle $42,000.

Next time you see Keith, be sure to tell him how much you are sure that Pyle appreciates his generosity.

Could $7,000/month mean the difference between having a skilled private attorney who specializes in this type of case or a McHenry County public defender who has a floor-load of impoverished clients and to whom Pyle is just a person whose last name starts with P-?

Does Undersheriff Zinke have an opinion about whether Pyle should be paid while facing these felonies? Has Zinke read the General Orders - the part about not bringing disgrace to the Sheriff's Department?

Since Nygren seems to be letting Zinke run the Department, could Zinke fire Pyle and send the matter to the Merit Commission? Would he dare?

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