Monday, July 16, 2012


Does McHenry County still have a sheriff? We certainly have one on paper, and the County must be delivering or mailing a $12,500 check to Keith every month, but where is he? Has he vacated the office but just not told anyone?

Too many people are asking me if I have seen the sheriff. Well, for sure I haven't. And I'm not looking. I don't want him to accuse me (again) of stalking him. Since I have never "stalked" him, I definitely can't stalk him again.

How many days a week is Nygren in his office?
How many days this month has he been in his office?
How many days since January 5th has he been in his office? (We know he was in Vilas County, Wisconsin (almost 300 miles north of Woodstock), on January 5, because that was when and where he got a speeding ticket for 70MPH in a 55MPH zone.)

Now, in all fairness, I must say that I have gotten a speeding ticket. In fact, I remember well my last speeding ticket and exactly where it was and what I was doing - and what I was driving.

That ticket was in University City, Mo.
I don't remember the exact date, but it was in 1955, shortly after I got my driver's license.

Let's eee, 1955-2012; that's 57 years without a speeding ticket. And it wasn't because they couldn't or didn't catch me. It's because I drive the speed limit. And doing so often endangers me (for example, on the Dan Ryan or the Illinois Tollway (I-90 and elsewhere)), but I do it, anyway.

I was in Keith's office several years ago, when he told me that in Wisconsin he "had to" drive 20MPH over the limit just to keep up with traffic. Of course, I wondered why, as Sheriff, he didn't just drive the speed limit.

The speed limit is the speed Limit. It's a not-to-exceed speed limit. The fact that "everybody speeds" is not a reason for the sheriff to speed. In fact, if there is one person who should not speed, it's the sheriff. How can he insist that his deputies obey speed limits and traffic laws, if he doesn't?

But back to the topic?

For $145,000/year and a take-home squad car (albeit, an unmarked white Chevy Tahoe that doesn't look like a squad car), shouldn't Nygren be putting in a year's worth of work?

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Anonymous said...

He knows he's on the outs so he's just "mailing it in" and biding time.
All good questions tho... I did the same with the Ploice Chief 2 years ago when he was at a golf outing that I attended... and yes he did take a vacation day to attend the event.
TMB doesn't get speeding tickets cuz:
1. the old rustbucket can barely make the speed limit.
2. I always caring a few xtra beers and donuts just in case. I often forget the cheese when my travels take me to WI.