Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jenapea's - possible re-opening date, late summer

Remember the fire on June 10? On the Woodstock Square? At Jenapea's?

Thanks to quick action by the Woodstock Fire Rescue folks, we didn't have a record fire destroying half the Square.

In a quick response to my query on Jenapea's Facebook page, word is that the sandwich shop may re-open by "late summer".

When I passed by yesterday during the Farmers' Market, I wondered if there might be a high school or college student who is good with drawing or a paint brush, who could put some life on the four sheets of plywood now standing in for the glass front to Jenapea's.

What if some caricatures appeared, perhaps showing some carpenters' pounding nails into board or of a peephole into the interior and showing laborers taking a nap? You know - something amusing to keep visitors to the Square entertained and reminded that Jenapea's will return. And maybe a countdown clock to re-opening day. It might need adjustable hands, but that's not hard.

If you are an artist or cartoonist, why not contact Jenapea's on Facebook and offer your services. Willing to do it without charge, if you can put your name and phone number in small print with your work?

Hopefully the City would not object or insist on a permit for the artwork.

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