Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sheriff Fisher - not here...

On August 14 there will be a primary election for sheriff - not in Illinois, of course, but in Lee County, Florida (where McHenry County's own sheriff bought a $620,000 home (with a $698,000 mortgage from our very own local Home State Bank) in 2006).

Tim Fisher was a deputy with the Lee County Sheriff's Office and is running for sheriff. I say "was" a deputy, because Florida law required him to resign before he could run for the elected office. Gee, what a novel idea! What if Illinois had such a law??? Maybe Florida studied up on the Hatch Act?

Tim must have been reading the Woodstock Advocate, because he writes about the importance of integrity and honor in a sheriff's department.

Tim says he is going to get rid of threats, "... ego, condescension, intimidation and ridicule." That he will "...enforce the law without prejudice or bias." That he will "... not participate in political grandstanding ..."

We could certainly use a lot of that right here in McHenry County.

In one of his campaign messages he writes:

"I am Tim Fisher and I am working hard to be your next Sheriff. I served the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and citizens of Lee County as a Deputy for 17 years before choosing to resign my position as required by Florida law to run for Sheriff. I did so because I could not in good conscience be part of the hypocrisy of an administration that leads through threats and  intimidation lacking the very integrity they are sworn to uphold. We all backed the current Sheriff because he promised to restore honor and integrity to the Sheriff’s Office. Just when he could have, he chose to put the very same administration we helped him campaign against back into positions of authority. Ask yourself, why? I do agree, we can do better.
"If I am elected to lead the  Lee County Sheriff’s Office, we will restore honor and  integrity through an administration committed to the citizens of Lee County and ALL employees of the Sheriff’s Office. Gone will be the days of ego, condescension, intimidation and ridicule. We will redirect the focus where it should be in a law enforcement agency, enforcing the law without prejudice or bias. We will not participate in political grandstanding and partisan politics. We will get back to the basics of law enforcement with respect for all, not a select few.
"I invite you all to join us in our mission. Please take a few moments on this site to educate yourself about me and OUR campaign. We feel confident that if you take the time to educate yourself, you will agree, I am the most experienced law enforcement officer running for Sheriff and I am the right choice for all the citizens of Lee County.
"The primary election and race will be decided on August 14th. Please, vote to make your voice heard and let’s get back to the basics of law enforcement. We welcome your support in any way. Thank you for taking the time."

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