Thursday, July 26, 2012

LL world series - a curve or spitball?

The Northwest Herald painted the proposed use of Emricson Park for a district Little League world series venue in a fairly glowing light, and this week's Woodstock Independent provided a little more information from the grass up.

For example, that it might cost the City much closer to $200,000 than $130,000 to partner with the Little League. Now, that's a pretty big jump - almost 50%.

No wonder organizers are hopeful.

I had to laugh at "But a price tag of $200,000 means Woodstock Little League will have to approach the city of Woodstock for funds." Right! Especially since they are stepping up to the plate with only $10,000.

Two council members saw the score right away and wanted to call the game early. Council members Dick Ahrens and Julie Dillon didn't want to continue with negotiations. One member was absent, and the other four want to keep pitching into the rain and darkness.

Will that mean pitching $190,000 down the drain?

Darrin Chonos, Woodstock Little League president, was quoted as saying, "The board and I feel that it will really rejuvenate a lot of interest in Little League in the area."

Foul ball! What else do you expect them to say? Think they'll waltz in and ask the Council to squander $190,000 on a fly ball to short right field?

How did reporters hear two numbers so far apart? Is it $130,000 or $200,000 that the LL is asking the City to go for.

If the City builds it, will they come? You'd better be watching the agenda of a future City Council meeting for this topic to come up to bat. Then suit up, grab some bats and do some warm-up swings, and step into the batter's box over on the right side of the City Council Chambers, and take three swings at the Council.

If you don't, you'll forfeit the game. The City will blow $200,000 and end up with another useless, "private" field on City property, and your kids won't even to able to go out to the park and run the bases on days when there are no games.

Thanks to Council members Ahrens and Dillon for standing up. Of course, there wasn't any vote at that meeting. Will their opposition hold up?

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