Saturday, July 7, 2012

Further waste at MCSD - political?

Take a look at the new, new banner now appearing on Sheriff Nygren's official McHenry County Sheriff's Department website. More dollars have been wasted on the banner which, when first published, had smaller pictures of Nygren and Zinke on the right side of the banner.

Now both pictures have been enlarged, and Zinke's picture holds the place of prominence in the upper-right corner. Want to see it for yourself? Go to

Who thinks that there is not a political motivation for the re-design (and further re-design) at this time? Form a line to the left. Both of you.

Nygren is trying, unsuccessfully, to push Zinke into the limelight so that, when he bails out of McHenry County, he can turn the reins over to Zinke via the push-over County Board.

Nygren's successor, if he leaves office now (and "now" is now within 28 months of the next General Election, which will be in November 2014), will be pushed forward by the McHenry County Republican Central Committee (state law requires the successor to be in the same political party as the person vacating the office), and then blessed by the County Board Chairman and Board.

Zinke is already raising money for his 2014 campaign. Supposedly, he held a fundraiser on June 30 and moved it at the last minute to a different and commercial location. Did anyone show up? Zinke's website has not been updated to reflect any appreciation to anyone who did happen to show up and part with $30 for the "privilege" of doing so.

Was a little "vote-buying" already getting started, even 2 1/2 years before election time? Republican Precinct Committeemen were to be "Free". Was that because they wouldn't show up if it was going to cost them $30?

I thought about showing up and even forking out $30, just to see how Zinke would try to enforce a "stay away" email he sent me in June. But I wouldn't have gone, anyway, even if it had been free. I just want him to think that I stayed away because of his email. I'll go where I want, when I want.

There are many Republican precincts in McHenry County without party leadership. In June I contacted the party chairman and asked to be appointed to an open committeeman position. I have been a life-long Republican, except for my run as Green Party candidate for Sheriff in 2010 - and a greatly embarrassed Republican Party voter. I had to ask twice and then was told that John Jung, Jr. and Geri Davis make the recommendations. And no further word from anyone, although I'm not surprised.

I guess this is why I hate politics.

Would the McHenry County Board have the guts to appoint an honest person with high integrity to run the Sheriff's Department in a fair and impartial manner, with respect for the citizens and residents of the County? Even if that person didn't have extensive law-enforcement background but could bring in a highly-qualified, experienced, retired Illinois State trooper with command experience (from outside McHenry County)? They'd have to all get dust masks to protect their lungs, once that new Undersheriff and I showed up with our big pushbrooms and started cleaning house.

Isn't the County Board tired yet of high-dollar settlements for lawsuits that never should have been and for outrageous legal bills from outside counsel to defend the Sheriff's Department, when its action were indefensible?

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Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

I believe that many McHenry County residents are just to busy trying to make economic ends meet and pay their high real estate taxes and still pay for their medicines and food and other necessities of life to really be able to pay close attention to how they are being played by some of our public servants...not all of them...just some of them. When they can no longer make ends meet then they will pay closer attention; unfortunately it might be too late.