Saturday, July 28, 2012

Harvard arrest "without incident"

Today's story in the Northwest Herald titled "Two Harvard men charged in beating" said that one, a documented gang member, is still on the loose but the other was taken into custody "without incident."

A local resident reports that the front door at 701 N. Lincoln St., Harvard, was covered with a sheet of plywood earlier today, and later the door was seen splintered on its side outside the house and a new door was being hung.

Is that what is meant by "without incident" in Harvard?  Or maybe "without incident" means no cop was injured. The Harvard Police Department is not mentioned in the article, which says that the Sheriff's Dept. gang unit became involved. The July 23rd beating report was taken by the sheriff's department.

No doubt that's the information that was fed to the NWH reporter. Somebody please pass the mouthwash to the reporter.

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