Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big donations to Zinke

As mentioned yesterday, donations deposited by a political candidate must be reported. The second-quarter reporting period ended June 30.

At 9:01AM on Monday, July 9, the Illinois State Board of Elections time-stamped its receipt of Schedule A-1 from the Committee to Elect Zinke.

Why was it required?

The Election law of Illinois is that Schedule A-1 must be filed within five business days after receipt of any contribution of $1,000 or more. The committee reported receiving three donations on July 2, and these were reported by the committee's treasurer, Kathleen Narusis, on the form dated July 8. There were two $1,300 donations and one donation of $5,657.

The Schedule A-1 shows
$1,300 from Alliance Contractors, Inc., Woodstock
$1,300 from John Cederlund
$5,657 from Donley's Banquets & Wild West Town, Union, Ill.

What do you suppose is magical about "$1,300"?

And $5,657 from Donley's? Did Donley's foot the bill for Zinke's fundraiser on June 30? Nice gesture. What does Donley's get out of it? Randy Donley has been an elected member of the McHenry County Board since 2006, and his current term expires this November.

The address for the Committee to Elect Zinke is 850 S. Route 31, Crystal Lake. This is the headquarters of RITA Corporation, of which Brian J. Goode is President. Goode is also a long-time member of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department Merit Commission.

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