Thursday, July 5, 2012

And the winner is ... the Bullied

Remember the recent story about Karen Huff Klein, the Rochester, N.Y.-area school bus monitor who was bullied by four nasty seventh-graders?

Thanks for the 41 readers who participated in the poll. Three (7%) indicated they had donated to Karen, and 38 readers indicated they had not.

What started out as an online fundraiser with a $5,000 goal to send Karen on a nice vacation turned out to be a $678,000 windfall for her. I am so happy for her and for the thousands who felt in their hearts that she deserved some recognition.

I like fundraising for the Salvation Army between Thanksgiving and Christmas. When you see the red kettle and hear that bell, drop in a $5 or a $10 (or more) or even just a $1 or the change from your pocket or purse. Don't give out of "obligation". Give because it feels good to give.

And just because you gave "last week" or "at the office" doesn't mean that you can't give again.

For some reason, I am reminded of the minister who told his flock one Sunday that he didn't believe in tithing. A wave of shock went 'round the church. Then he asked, "Why should I be limited to 10%?

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